Monday, September 29, 2008

Alison from Fallen Angle Funs

Hot Maid Alison from Fallen Angel Funs is showing off her body today for us.

Would you like something to drink, sir?

Or would you rather like to suckle on my sweet Nipples?

You coul also have a lick of my delicious pussy juice...

... or my sweet cornhole as dessert, sir?

Ready for inspection, sir! Is everything to your liking!

If I did a good job you could give me a thank you fuck...

... otherwise I have to mastrubate on the kitchen counter

My Rating for this Set:

Maid Outfits make me just Horny! So Thank You to sweet Fallen Angel Alison for the great show. I would have loved to give you this thank you fuck Another great set from Fallen Angel Funs!

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