Monday, September 29, 2008

Hot Maid Alison from Fallen Angel Funs is showing off her body today for us.

Would you like something to drink, sir?

Or would you rather like to suckle on my sweet Nipples?

You coul also have a lick of my delicious pussy juice...

... or my sweet cornhole as dessert, sir?

Ready for inspection, sir! Is everything to your liking!

If I did a good job you could give me a thank you fuck...

... otherwise I have to mastrubate on the kitchen counter

My Rating for this Set:

Maid Outfits make me just Horny! So Thank You to sweet Fallen Angel Alison for the great show. I would have loved to give you this thank you fuck Another great set from Fallen Angel Funs!

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Monday, September 22, 2008

Since I liked her so much here another set of Hegre-Art's beautiful black Naomi!

This is the way of saying Hello we like most: Nice smile, great Tits and spread legs witha nicly shaven snatch on full display.

This is a truly magnificent body!

I never wished so much, being a handrail before ;-)

We know you want to touch yourself, Naomi! Don't let us bother you!

I told you, you would like it and now you smile ... an what a smile!

How would I like to bugger this hot little ebony chick!

This is just an outrageous beauty!

Before we have to part Naomi shows us her beautiful pussy up close

My Rating for this Set:

Naomi is just a perfect Ebony Beauty! Perect Body, Perfect Smile and a Pefect Pussy. Petter Hegre from Hegre-Art is also photographed her perfectly. If you like classy porn at this level of perfection , you should really consider a membership to his site.

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Monday, September 15, 2008

Today from Teens Garden a different tiny titted Anna.

Hi Anna! Welcome on my Site! Should I tell you a little secret? I can see your red knickers!

Oh are these tits sweet: Only tiny nubbins!

Yes Girl, arch back and show us how tiny those delicious tits are!

Annas snatch is also sweet..

... and she loves to play with it...

or show us her big pussy lips.

And isn't this but sweet as hell too?

My Rating for this Set:

Also this Anna is a real sweety pie. Those tiny tits brought to us by Teens Garden are just delicious. If you like girls like Anna have a look at their Site, they have a lot more sweet babes in their member area.

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