Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Viki from LSG

Today we have Viki from London Studio Group as a Guest. This is a step further than the tame but artistic last Photoset from them, but it is still pretty Softcore.

Beautiful viki is getting a good start by showing us her cute titties and lifting her little skirt. Well done!

And what a nice butt. How would i like to lick it a bit!

Yes! That is the right decision! Get rid of this stupid panties Viki!

Like I told you Viki: without it your but is even more delicious

Nice piercing ... hmmmm... I mean pussy

Unfortunately Viki gets shy in the end. But still a nice performance.

My Rating for this Set:

It may be Softcore, but hey: A beautiful girl without clothes artfully captured on film! I wont blame poor Viki for not being more perverted. The Guys from the London Studio Group did a good job here and their Site is worth a visit.

More Pictures: