Saturday, May 3, 2008

Julia from Teens Garden

Today I have another incredible sexy girl for you: Julia from Teens Garden.

With the lovely pencil erace nipples on her sweet tiny tits Julia is capturing our attention from the first moment.

Turning around she shows us her long legs and also what is under the red skirt.

Even thought her pussy is not completely shaven, the girlish fluff is not hiding anything from us.

But even if it is hard to force away our look from her lovely cunt and the even nicer mini-boobs, here cute face is really woth a closer look.

And she seems als0 think that she looks good...

.. and is starting to fingering herself a bit

Even if you hide almost everything from us sweet Julia...

... your smile alone makes happy, hard and willing to make love to your beautiful body for days and nights without resting.

My Rating for this Set:

Again one of my favourite Girls in a great Photoset made by the Team of Teens Garden. Finding such unbelievable pretty models and create so beautiful and sexy photos is the Work of real pros. If you want to see much more of Julia and other great models, check out the Teens Garden Site. The meberships are well worth the price.

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