Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A nice Pair: Gisele and Nela brought to us by the London Studio Group

Looking out of the Window in their sweet plaid skirts. If you couldn't see the panties of one of them, this innocent picture could come right out of a children's book.

In this less innocent picture we get to see the two Girls face to face... and I'm not disappointed

Yes, you too little hussies: Show us your slick cunts!

Those lips are just delicious... and I mean all of them ;-)

I already supposed, that this to gals are having fine tits, but now we got the prove

Gisele and Nela in all their gorgeousness!

My Rating for this Set:

Even if I loved to see the two to have some girl-girl fun together, you can ever say something against two beautiful girls showing their bodies off together. London Studio Group proved again, that they produce great erotic photography for their tremendous Wesite.

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