Thursday, May 1, 2008

Dayanna from Fallen Angle Funs

Lovley Dayanna from Fallen Angel Funs is so hot, that she constantly makes me horny.

Diffrent to Isabella from out last post, she has really, really tiny, flat tits but with very nice nipples.

And she does not only have nice nipples, she also has a nice shaves pussy...

... that she is more than willing to show to us from behind, so that we also can see her lovely cornhole, that I would just love to fuck constantly.

But, to be honest, despite here excelent body her best feature is here cute face and her lovely smile.

And have a look in this dark Bambi eyes while she is starting to play with a dildo.

What a nice view, seeing her putting the dildo in her cunt. But wait, you don't need a dildo sweet Dayanna, you can have my cock anytime...

My Rating for this Set:

Dayanna from Fallen Angel Funs is one of the Girls that really makes me hot. Sweet, sexy, seducing me with her look, her smile, her tits, here lovely fuck holes. As you can see, the people at Fallen Angel Funs do a hell of a job providing us with really good porn. If you also think so, go to their Site and become a member! I did.

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