Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Britney from Fallen Angel Funs

Britney from Fallen Angel Funs wants to give us a nice show in the woods today.

This is Britney: Smiling nicely at us with a skimpy bikini on her lovley body in the midst of the woods.

But the Bikini doesn't stay in place. What lovly puffy nipples she has. Yummy!

And also the remaining butterfly style fuzz over her well shaved pussy is a sight.

And look at this: Her bikini tops is framing her fat lipped cunt alluding to the butterfly form of the bush.

This seems to make sweet Britney hot too. She starts to finger herself

Continuing doing so, she also hows us her nice behind....

and decides to hide nothing from us, doing a great spread showing us her wide spred pussy and a cute butthole.

And If you haven't seen enough: Here is the close-up!

My Rating for this Set:

Isn't she a nice hussy with beautiful puffy nipples and a nicely shaved fanny. The Fallen Angel Funs Crew really knows how to put a lass into a good picture. You should all have a look at their Site.

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