Friday, May 16, 2008

Anna from Teens Garden

Today we have another Set of Anna from Teens Garden.

Nearly modestly in a very interesting dress and a fur jacket, Anna is greeting us.

Now she is showing us her pretty girl-smile and one of her beautiful tits.

Her nipples are only barely showing but her sweet cunt is on full view.

May be I was to fast announcing "full view". ;-) This is more like it. Also have a look at this beautiful rosbud!

But lets refocus on her nicely shaped tits. Especially these beautiful nipples.

Before we come to the end, Anna - the sweet little redhead - is offering her pussy. For what? I'm sure you can think of that yourself.

My Rating for this Set:

Seeing Anna's nice little body, and especially her pretty pink pussy, is a joy again. Another beautiful set from Teens Garden. I f you liked it too, have a look at their Site, they have a lot more cool stuff in their member area.

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