Thursday, March 20, 2008

Today we will go much more hardcore. But to lessen the "shock" ;-) I selected one of the sweetest girls I have ever seen in porn!
Isabella from Young Busty Teens!

Isn't her smile unbelievabel sweet?

But she can also kiss with her little mouth and we also get a first glimpse of her great tits!

And her sweet lips can do a lot more: Suck cock for instance

How I wish to be this guy! I can almost feel her tongue on the tip of my cock!

Now she really gets going! A hard cock in her hot pussy and a sweet moan on her lips.
And have a look at this jugs!

You can almost hear her say: "Being fucked hard is soooo great!"

And to give us an extra show she gives us her most wonderful smile and shows us her little rosebud

Cock in Cunt is good, Cock in Mouth is even better. "Have a look at my fresh fucked twat"

And now she gets her reward: A nice load of cum righz on her face.
Have a look at the jet of cum that landed right on her nose!

My Rating for this Set:

Isabella from Young Busty Teens is just unbelievabel sweet an sexy girl. This is one of the most sexy, erotic and aestetic hardcore photsets I have ever seem. Unfortunaly as far as I know she only did photos at Young Busty Teens. So if want to see more of her (I Do :-) ) go to their Site and get a Membership!

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

For the first blog entry im my new Good Porn Blog I selected a Photo Set from Met-Art, one longest established porn sites in the softcore sector.

This Photoseries features the models Liza B. (left) and Sonya C. (right) and was shot by long time Met-Art photographer Voronin

What drew me to this Set ist the wonderful innocent look of Sonya B. with her full lips and of yours her great puffy nipples

She is a good contrast to Liza with her harder facial features and her nice rount tits

Also Sonyas shaved pussy that shows her long inner labias is delicious

Liza also seems to like Sonyas puffy nipples

That Sonya is showing pridely as well as Liza is showing her little cunt from behind

Unfortunally they don't really kiss each other :-(

As last pic I selected this wonderful shot of Sonyas sweet pussy. Isn't she good enough to eat?

My Rating for this Set:

This set showcases what an abundance of great porn Met-Art has on its Site. If all Sites would have the same aestetical standard for models and for photographic work we would be in Porn-Heaven. A membership as Met-Art is well worth its admission!

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